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Proceedings of the Hydrometeorological Research Centre of the Russian Federation

(Proceedings of the Hydrometcentre of Russia)



The scientificl journal  "Proceedings of the Hydrometeorological research center of Russian Federation" has been periodically published since 1947.  It provides a platform for publication of the main results in the area of fundamental and applied hydrological and meteorological  research encompassing following subjects:

  • new and improved methods of hydrometeorological forecasts with different lead-time; including forecast methods of dangerous meteorological phenomena; hydrological and  agro-meteorological forecasts; development of the atmosphere, ocean,  upper layer of the soil, models  coupled atmosphere-ocean models as well as models of  hydrological processes on the continents;
  • scientific reviews of leading scientists in the field of numerical weather forecasts, aviation meteorology, hydrological and marine hydrological forecasts;
  • reports of international and national scientific conferences held by the Hydrometcentre of Russia;
  • the most significant scientific results achieved by young specialists and scientists.

The scope of the journal is Earth Sciences (code 25.00.00), with topics  of specific interests in meteorology, climatology, agro meteorology, oceanology, physics of atmosphere and hydrosphere, hydrology and water resources.

The chief editor is Roman M. Vilfand, the Honored meteorologist of the Russian Federation, doctor of technical Sciences, Director of the FSBI «The Hydrometcentre of Russia».

In 1979, the journal had been granted an International Standard Serial Number: ISSN 0371-7089.

Since 2011, the Proceedings of hydrometcentre of Russia – subscription edition ( 64291 index Catalog no edition STI bodies of the Agency "Rospechat").

The journal can be helpful for scientists, specialists, post-graduates, senior students interested in the field of the theory and practice of hydrometeorological forecasting.

Open access electronic version of the jissues can be  found using  the link:

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