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The application and publication in electronic form is sent to the publishers of the magazine,  e-mail: ,


for the publication of a paper in 201_
in the periodical «Proceedings of the Hydrometeorological Scientific Research Centre
of the Russian Federation»

Name of the paper
2. Short abstract (in Russian and in English)
3. Organization suggesting the mentioned contribution
4. Responsible contact person (family name, middle name, first name, position,
contact telephone number) and other authors (family name, middle name, first name, position)
5. Size of the manuscript (number of pages of A4 page size)
/ Size of the manuscript (in typographical units – ??)
6. Date when the manuscript is handed over to the editorial board (month)
7. Readiness of the manuscript for publishing (its state for the 1st January of the year of its publication)


Signature of the person applying for the publication


Form of the application

Rules for the authors

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